We build apps for the third web

Delta Camp is a software consultancy specializing in decentralized apps

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Experience and skills you need

We produce top quality web applications. Here is what we can do for you:

UX & UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Interface
  • Interaction
  • Branding
Web Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Server Development
  • Infrastructure
Web3 Integration
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Protocol Integration
  • Distributed Storage
  • Dapp Browser Integration

A small team with a big impact

We will work closely with you to refine your product. Our iterative process ensures we build the right product.

"It's no secret that building decentralized applications is a demanding undertaking. We spent months searching for the best developers capable of taking on the challenge. The team at Delta Camp blew us away. Delta Camp is the triple threat combining deep expertise in web 3.0 development, UI/UX design and web development. There's really nothing they can't build! Highly recommend."- Dr. Moshe Praver, COO MedX Protocol
  • Weekly iterations
  • Continous delivery
  • Dedicated team
  • Constant communication
  • Flexible process

The Delta Camp team

The trick to successful digital projects isn't just tech,
it’s also working with the right people.

Photo of Brendan Asselstine
Alt Photo of Brendan Asselstine

Brendan Asselstine

Brendan has architected web and mobile software solutions for more than ten years, and is currently exploring how distributed protocol design impacts application architecture. Currently he teaches courses on blockchain programming and enjoys knowledge sharing and open source software. He's always happy to foster shared understanding using open communication.

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Photo of Chuck Bergeron
Alt Photo of Chuck Bergeron

Chuck Bergeron

Chuck Bergeron is a designer and developer from Calgary currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. He has worked on telemedecine videoconferencing apps, virtual reality experiences, an email marketing platform, as well as countless other projects over his fifteen year career. Chuck is deeply committed to blockchain technology as he believes it will power the next generation of the web.

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Forward Thinking

We made a decision to focus on blockchain technology because to us it's the future of the internet. We believe that open technology will continue to transform the world and that embracing this change will enable us to innovate even faster.


Openness is a core value that we hold strongly. We contribute to open source whenever possible; publicizing code or techniques to the community so that others may benefit from our work. We leverage open source code and value partnerships over reinvention and walled gardens.

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